Press Releases

Jan, 2016 - Interbiome Partners, LLC is incorporated in state of Maryland, founded by Roger Erickson.

Jan, 2016 - Peter Probst joins Interbiome Partners as Sr. VP of Quality Assurance.

Oct, 2016 - Our first subsidiary, Interbiome, LLC is incorporated, in state of Maryland, and begins work remodeling a cGMP CMO facility at 1600 E Gude Dr, Rockville, MD, with key assistance from Will and Bill Rickman of Rickman Construction.

Oct, 2018 - Vigene Bioscieces, Inc. contracts with Interbiome, LLC for 2-yr exclusive use of our Gude Dr cGMP facility, through Sep[t 30, 2020.

Oct, 2018 - After significant re-design and modification, IQ/OQ of our Gude Dr facility is completed, and Vigene commences operations onsite.

Oct, 2018 - Interbiome Foundation, LLC is incorporated in State of Maryland.

June, 2019 - Interbiome Foundation, LLC receives 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from US IRS.

Sept, 2019 Interbiome-II, LLC is incorporated in state of Maryland.

March, 2020 Interbiome-II, LLC, with key assistance from Joo-Yeon Yi of MedClaris, announces a long term strategic alliance with Reyon Pharmaceuticals, Ltd, of Seoul, Korea, to cooperate on design, operation and utilization of a 2nd cGMP facility in Maryland, as well as for ongoing training of Reyon operations and Quality Assurance staff in both Rockville and Korea.

May, 2020 Interbiome Partners announces a partnership with SciNote, LLC, of Middleton, WI, USA, to cooperate on streamlined data logging and records management for research and cGMP facilities.