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Interbiome Partners launches innovative business as well as cooperative civic ventures aligned to a shared vision. Our purpose is to create a more perfect union, by defining and promoting scalable organization. The top organizational challenge for populations is to maintain adequate connectivity, Interaction Rates and systemic feedback in human culture, despite ongoing population and capability growth spurts.

While we rarely stop to think about it, the intelligence of any aggregate is held in its body of discourse, NOT in the components generating that discourse. Every adolescent child goes through a growth spurt, when they MUST become clumsier before they can regain different forms of physical agility, by remapping neuro-muscular connectivity and dynamic properties. Human cultures going through population and capability growth spurts face the same challenges, and reinvent themselves in subtle yet sweeping ways, over vastly longer time periods. Interbiome Partners is dedicated to reducing the time required to regain, maintain and increase cultural agility as we face a now-continuous human growth spurt.

Despite astounding accumulations of both population and technology, humans overlook the most trivial aspect of organization … maintaining adequate Inter-Connectivity, Feedback and Interaction Rates. In theory that can be easily fixed, but literally no one wants to fund adequate Interaction Rates. Interbiome Partners does.

We pursue business opportunities specifically to practice both new and accumulated methods for identifying and maintaining adequate patterns of cultural inter-connectivity and Aggregate Interaction Rates.

Our arbitrarily chosen first challenge: Population Health

Other areas of application will soon follow. We have already identified 3 more current, pragmatic cultural challenges to be addressed as our methods mature and expand.

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